Salting Pavements

Why is it important?

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Although snow in the winter season can be a beautiful, it can also be dangerous. Especially, if your driveway or commercial property isn’t cleared, it may become a hazard to your customers, home owners and pedestrians.

When snow piles up and ice builds up on city sidewalks, walkways, driveways, park lots or commercial sites.

All property owners and occupants are responsible for clearing snow and ice that surround their property.

Failure to do so will may possibly result in a fine.

This is why our snow removal and salting service comes in handy.

Blooming Landscaping is here to accommodate all your needs.

We can clear your property, in a timely and proficient manner, to avoid all costly consequences.

Whether it’s a commercial or industrial property, we want to insure and protect the welfare of your customers and clients.

As well as, the safety of your own family members, employees and the general public.

As due to the unpredictable winter weather conditions, it is important to call us and make arrangements so we can make your property safe and accessible during the season.


Not only do we remove snow, but also salt the path to ensure safety, slip resistant and ice free satisfaction to our clients.

Mainly in the winter, temperatures fall to zero and below, water on the ground turns to ice, creating dangerous slippery conditions that are difficult to traverse.

Black ice can be most ominous and potentially dangerous condition in the winter season.

In general, home owners, pedestrians, employees, etc., aren’t aware and visible to black ice.

This creates a major slipping hazard and in worst cases, can cause serious injury to the person.

We have a simple solution…salting! Salting is a technique that quickly and effectively clear the area of ice and snow.

Salt essentially melts the ice around it and lowers its freezing points, turning solid into liquid.

This keeps the ice melted to lower the risk of any potential hazard. It is essential to salt your property and we can help.

With our expertise and having Blooming Landscaping at your service, we will plow snow and salt your property to make it accessible and safe for everyone.

Give us a call today as we will be happy to insist you!